Thank you for your interest in my ceramic palettes!

Please review the following information prior to purchase.

How were these palettes made?

Each ceramic palette was made by hand, with a lot of love, in San Diego, California.

I rolled out the different clay bodies into slabs and cut out each palette shape. I carved out each well and covered the palettes to dry slowly and evenly. Once completely dry, they were bisque fired in a kiln. The palettes were then sanded to even out any rough edges and patches, washed and glazed, and fired in a kiln for the second, and final, time.

what can i expect when i order my palette?

You can expect to receive a unique, handmade item. Because each palette is made by hand, there will be differences in the size and depth of the wells from the pictures shown on the website.

The Speckled, Brown and Red clay palettes will be slightly textured on the unglazed portions of the palette - the sides and back. Each palette will come with four rubber adhesive pads and you can stick on the back of the palette to avoid scratching the surface of your desk.

The sides and back of the palette may not be perfectly level. The rubber adhesive pads will also serve to make sure the palette remains level on your desk.

what are the differences among the clay options?

Speckled is a tan brown color with dark specks. It is slightly coarse in texture.

Brown is a cool grayish brown color. It is slightly coarse in texture.

Red is a reddish brown color with light specks in the clay body which does not show up when glazed. It is slightly coarse in texture.

Dark Brown is a chocolate brown color. It is slightly coarse in texture.

Porcelain is a white color and is smooth in texture.

what are the glaze options?

All palettes are glazed with a matte white glaze, only on the top surface. The glaze is relatively opaque but does break slightly over edges and textures. Due to the hand made nature of the palettes, there may be slightly uneven spots in the glaze. Additionally, there may be small specks in the glaze that formed during the firing process or due to the specks in the clay body.

Please note that some watercolor paints may stain the surface of the palette.

how often do you restock your palettes?

Due to the fact that each palette is made by one person (me), restocks will happen every few months. Newsletter subscribers will always get first access, so be sure to subscribe if you want to be the first to know when a restock is happening.

Can i combine shipping for multiple items?

Absolutely. If you would like to wait until the next batch is released online before I ship your items, please send me a note at check out letting me know you want to hold shipment until after the next batch is released.

will there be a seconds sale for ceramic palettes?

Yes! I have a handful of palettes that came out slightly more imperfect than usual. These palettes will be sold via Instagram (@ceramicsbPL) at a 50% discount. I will announce the date of this sale on Instagram.


All orders will ship within 1 to 3 business days via USPS Priority Mail. The following flat rates will apply:

U.S. Addresses | $7.50

Canada | $22

All other international destinations | $32

The flat shipping rates do not account for any customs and/or duties that may be required pursuant to the laws of your country of residence.

Please note that the USPS recommended ship date for delivery before Christmas is December 20th for U.S. orders and December 8th for most international destinations.

returns and exchanges

Unused palettes may be returned or exchanged (subject to availability) within 10 business days. Please send an e-mail to hello@bypriscillalee.com with your order number to begin the return or exchange process. Please note that you are responsible for any costs associated with shipping the product back to my studio.