Seconds Sale

Seconds Sale


Each item listed here has a visible speck(s) or smudges of color that settled into the matte white glaze during the final firing process. Some specks are very minor, others are more obvious. All items in this batch will be offered for $5.

Each piece is assigned a number. Check the piece’s number with the description below:

  1. Slab Plate in Medium

  2. Slab Plate in Medium

  3. Slab Plate in Large

  4. Pinch Pot

  5. Pinch Pot

  6. Pinch Pot

  7. Dish in Small

  8. Dish in Small

  9. Dish in Small

  10. Dish in Medium

  11. Dish in Medium

  12. Dish in Medium

  13. Dish in Large

  14. Dish in Large

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