Terracotta Catch All: a summer DIY craft idea

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Today, I am sharing a fun DIY craft project using terracotta saucers. You can find them at the planter aisle in most gardening and hardware stores. I get mine from Home Depot.


Material List: terracotta saucers | acrylic craft paint | paint brushes | tablecloth | white charcoal pencil or Fons & Porter pencil | paper plate or disposable palette paper

Optional: clear acrylic coating spray


Make sure you give the terracotta saucers a nice wash with warm water and soap. Once dry, use the charcoal pencil or the Fons & Porter pencil to draw an outline of the illustration you want to paint. 


If you paint a background color, you can use a regular pencil to sketch out your design.


Before you begin painting, make sure you cover the surface of your table with a cloth to prevent painting spills from causing any damage. Select your colors and squeeze them out into a paper plate or palette, and paint away!


Once you are finished painting, set the saucers out to dry. For additional protection, you can spray a coat or two of clear acrylic. I kept mine au naturel but an acrylic coat is recommended if you plan on placing items on these saucers that can scratch the paint (i.e. house keys).


Once the paint and/or acrylic coat is completely dry, you can place them around the house. I use mine as a jewelry dish but they can also be a catch all container for your keys and random change in your pocket.

I first tried this craft idea with a group of ladies during my sister's Palm Springs bachelorette and everyone had a blast. Check out some of their creations below! 

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Be sure to tag me @yourstrulycalligraphy if you end up trying this DIY so I can see your creations!

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