Photo Diary || Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park

I have an ongoing love affair with the desert landscape. There is something about the haze inducing dry heat, the golden hues as the sun goes down, the uniqueness (and resilience) of the flora that flourish in such an unforgiving environment. Maybe it is also because of the many family trips I took to the desert as a child.

I recently took a road trip to one of my favorite places in the world – Joshua Tree National Park. If you have not yet been, Joshua Tree National Park is a magical place filled with grand rock formations, prickly plants, and of course, groves of Joshua trees. Normally, I visit this park to hike, climb some rocks and take pictures of the landscape. This time, I accompanied my newly engaged sister and her fiancé to meet with the very sweet and talented Abbi Hearne of Abbi Hearne Creative for an engagement photo session (for them) and a portrait session (for me). 

I had never visited the park during the winter season before, and I was pleasantly surprised to see so much COLOR in the desert landscape. There were so many shades of gray, with pops of red, yellow, green and blue. Summertime makes for harsh lighting and highly saturated colors. But the cooler winter temperatures and the soft lighting really lit up the desert landscape in pastel colors.  

Joshua Tree
Joshua Tree

I had such a great time with Abbi, her husband, Callen, and their pup, Charlie, who were on an epic road trip going from one national park to another while taking some amazing photos. You can follow their adventures here.

Here are a few photos from my portrait session with Abbi:

San Diego Calligrapher
San Diego Calligrapher

Once our photo sessions ended, we explored the park and I attempted my hand at engagement photography and snapped a few photos of my sister and her fiancée.

Joshua Tree Engagement

Stay tuned for photos from my sister’s engagement session with Abbi and some calligraphy by yours truly!

P.S. Hair color and styling was done by Mish